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I purchased this to use in a house window and it looks great and is very...

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Pat's story:
From a young age I wanted to drive a truck. My father was a driver and I rode in the cab as a child, and loved it. My 3 brothers are also drivers. Since I spend so much time in my cab, I have decked it out with many extras and refinements. Last year I decided to source and sell cab accessories - Items that I myself use and can endorse as good quality - So that other drivers may benefit from the enjoyment and practical use that these extras bring to your driving experience.

Here at Pattruck, a leading supplier of custom lorry interior parts and accessories in UK, we are passionate about lorries, driving and customising them. Please feel free to email us with any questions or requests for a personalised truck cab customisation products. We will do our very best to fulfill your wishes. Can't find what you're looking for? Please email us with your requirements and we will see if we can source what you're looking for!

Please check our website regularly for new exclusive product additions!
Happy driving,

Pat and the Pattruck team.